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Swimming Pool Filtration

Swimming pool filtration is the very important part of the pool water treatment. Appropriate size of pressure sand filter or dual media filter in recirculation loop keeps pool water sparkling clean. By maintaining pH one can add very small quantum of coagulant like alum using online dosing to quickly and effectively improve the pool clarity. If system is integrated with ozone it can also act like micro-flocculent which can coagulate the colloidal and gets fitted in pool filters.


Swimming pool filters are a significant part of a pool circulation system and can be sized as per use and application to make sure the water quality remain uniformly crystal clear.
Depending upon site condition and usage filtration of 8 12 hrs for private pools and 16 24 hrs for public pool is consider adequate.

We offer a complete filtration system range for all capacities of:
Residential / Private Pool
Public / Commercial Pool
Competition Pool

We provide a special Round Filtration System for Personalized Residential Pools which are owned and used by single family occasionally with friends and relatives.


Different materials of constructions are available for construction of Pressure sand filter, as listed below:
Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP)
Mild / Carbon steel (MS)
Stainless Steel (SS)

Advantages of Pressure sand filter are:
Very simple to operate with multiport valve
Can be repeatedly used with periodic backwash
Very low operating cost
Very low recurring and replacement cost
With small amount of coagulant gives very high degree of filtration
It is an complete system and additional filters are not required

Our filtration systems which are durable and efficient to treat pool water according to design and clients requirements. Especially for higher dirt and turbidity load and environment conditions we offer a Depth Filtration System to Residential Pool. 


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